Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is an 50's style skirt, which I think could have been made in the 80's.
I picked it up at Madam Butterfly's, a vintage store in Richmond which I visit frequently.

The top I am wearing is actually a dress I got from Wild Pair about a year ago and the shoes were a $20 bargain from The Warehouse, gotta love that!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sheep in the paddock

Hey guys, hows it going?
I did this shoot last weekend with my friends Lauren and Liv, I was a tad hungover so it was good having the help. 
I am wearing pants that I found in the mens section at save mart for $7 bargain!
The scarf I am wearing I took from my mum some time ago, she has had it since she was a teenager, It is a bit ratty at the ends now but that is one of the things I really love about it.
The shoes are a hand me down, my friend Em got them in England. They have a really nice shape to them, I will do a close up on them one of these days.

We did this shoot at the park again where I walk to dogs, It has to be my favourite place to go in Christchurch, it is so peaceful with all the sheep, horses and other people walking their pooches.

This is Lauren, I really like this photo of her apart from the hair in her face. Unfortunately Liv wouldn't let me photograph her.