Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dressed in the water

This is a great dress for the changing season, first day of spring today Yay! summer is on its way.
I can't wait for the lighter nights, you can fit so much more into a day. 

This cream dress is another from Madam Butterfly'sIt was made in New Zealand and I think it would have been worn in the 70's.
Belt: Supre
Jewellery: Equip

Boots: Bronx from Wild Pair
They have been a real life saver this winter, especially in the snow

This shoot was fun, although I had my gumboot style boots on I did manage to go in too deep and flood my boots whoops! Thanks to Amanda for the help with this one x

Check out my shop for more Information on this cream dress.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Old things into new

I helped my sister move house a few weeks ago, (admittedly I didn't do much I was too fascinated with my nephew). She was throwing a heap of things out and amongst the pile was a piece of wallpaper, so I snapped it up before it got to the bin. I wanted to hang it on the wall without having to tack it to the wall itself.

You need a piece of wallpaper or alternatively you could use newspaper for something a bit different

An old canvas

A staple gun

and now you have an awesome piece of art to hang on the wall
You can find retro wallpaper like this in vintage boutique stores, I know Madam Butterfly's occasionally has some in stock.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Don't you just love the colour of this dress?
This silk dress didn't exactly fit me, but I couldn't resist taking it home to do a photo shoot with. I just clipped it up at the back. It would be a really flattering dress on someone that fit it properly.

Size 12-14, $75 to purchase

Have a look over at my shop

If you are interested in this dress and you are in Christchurch you can go in to Madam Butterfly's to try it on.
330 Stanmore Road, Richmond, open 11:30-4:30pm Mon-Fri 11-4 Sat

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Lemon Meringue Pie is my favourite dessert, so when I saw this Martha Stewart recipe on Cupcakes and Cashmere  the other day I had to give them a go. This is the first time I have made cupcakes and attempted piping.

I had a bit of fun with the piping

I didn't have the proper piping gear, so they don't look as flash as they could

If you are going to make these with the recipe from Cupcakes and Cashmere be warned making the meringue for the top is dangerous. You have to boil sugar with water and corn syrup whilst I was doing this I burnt it and stupidly chucked it straight into the sink. So you can imagine this boiling hot syrup splattered back up at me, so now I have blistered burns over my hands and some on my face, one on my eyelid :( which is now swollen haha lame, kind of looks like I have been punched in the eye.
So after running my face under cold water for 15mins(which resulted in brain freeze), a further 30mins feeling sorry for myself and also being slightly angry at Martha Stewart(although it is completely my fault) for suggesting such a thing I got back to it using a different meringue recipe 

3 Egg whites
1/2 cup sugar
Beat egg whites until soft peaks form and add sugar one tablespoon at a time until sugar is fully dissolved
Make sure it is really stiff mine could have been a bit stiffer, also if you don't have a blow torch put the cupcakes under the grill for a few seconds

Overall they are really yummy and I will definitely be making them again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Red pencil skirt

This red pencil skirt is another piece from Madam Butterfly's, it is also up for grabs in my Shop.
I think it is a great skirt to wear to the office to brighten up your day, it would go great with a blouse or just a plain top like I have worn below.

There is something about leopard print and red together.
You have seen me wear the leopard print wedges here

A great skirt for the changing seasons, have a look at it in my Shop

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rabbit fur

I have teamed up with Madam Butterfly's a vintage store in Christchurch. You have seen me wear items from there herehere and here. I will now be selling items that I have picked out from the store on my blog. 

This vintage rabbit fur coat is so soft, It was a pleasure to wear while doing this shoot.
If you are interested in purchasing this coat email me at

Was $150
Now $100

I paired this coat with a pair of Mavi jeans and an old top I got from Lippy ages ago. I wore the coat with jeans and a t-shirt to make it more casual. Happy shopping :)

Also a big thanks to Mum and Lou for the help on this shoot and also Ben for you patience haha x

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Obsession!

I have had an obsession with Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a long time now, they are ridiculously awesome.
But somehow I still don't seem to have a pair in my wardrobe! So I hear by make it my goal to own a pair of Jeffrey Campbells shoes in the next two months.
Here's a couple of images from their fall/winter lookbook, check out the full lookbook here.

I love the colours they are so fun, I think I would be very happy with a pair of these on my feet. 

The pair to the right which are also called Wright are pretty badass.

Below are some trusty Jeffrey Campbells that I have had my eye on for quite some time.

 Foxy Wood

Do I go for the black or a colour, I just don't know it is such a hard decision. 


Same question black, yellow or orange?
Their are dozens of colours and patterns to choose from.

I got these images from Solestruck where you can purchase a pair for yourself, or just willing browse for hours on end like I do hoping to one day own a pair.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Black lace

Isn't it funny how things come back into fashion.
My friend Jenny gave me this dress (she also lent me the fur coat from here and here, I get to keep the dress though hehe) she used to wear it about 18 years ago. I love thinking about the history and events that a second hand item went through with its previous owner, so it's pretty cool that with this dress I can ask Jenny where she wore it etc.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Yep I made bagels!

Who doesn't love bagels?
I used to have an obsession with them a few years ago, I ate them every morning for a few months. I think I also put on a couple of KGs while going through that particular obsession.
I recently came across a blog that had a recipe for them, so I decided to give it a go myself.

You have to boil them for a couple of minutes before baking.
Mine turned out a little flat after baking them.

But they still tasted really really good, I had two for breakfast this morning, yum!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh Amy!

I am very disappointed that Amy Winehouse is no longer with us, she was such an amazing musician.
For those of you that only know of her through her Rehab single I highly recommend you to check out her albums, my favourite is Frank.
I always listen to her when I am feeling a bit anxious, after singing along to a couple of her songs I feel much better. So I decided to do a "tribute" type photo shoot.

The top I am wearing above is from Valley Girl, I bought it years ago. It is one of those items of clothing in your wardrobe that you think about giving away and then you say I might wear it some day, turns out I did. The jeans are Lee high waisted tubes.

On another note Pixie and I went for a great walk yesterday and she made friends with some sheep and a horse! haha