Thursday, September 22, 2011

Painted toenails

The warmer weather is here and it is time to get those feet looking sandal ready.

Below is my attempt at a zebra pattern, please do excuse my feet I know I'm not going to be a foot model anytime soon especially with my extra large big toe.

First paint your toes with a base coat, I chose pink.

You need a nail art brush like above to create the zebra pattern.
I got this nail art brush from Bling for $4, they also have heaps of other colours too choose from.

It's pretty simple, you just start slightly thicker and go up to a point,
alternate the thicker end from the top the nail to the bottom.
I usually do mine on a diagonal so that it doesn't look like stripes.
It doesn't have to be perfect no body looks super close at your feet.

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