Thursday, September 8, 2011


As a lot of you will know I have been feeling a little unmotivated as of late and I have been pondering with the idea of maybe giving up on this blog.
But after your feedback and attending an inspiring event called PechaKucha on Wednesday night I have decided to keep going.

PechaKucha was an event where we got to hear 11 presentations on ideas, stories and projects.
Each speaker had 20 images each image was on screen for only 20 seconds, it gave each speaker a very short period of time to get their message across.
The speakers ranged from academics, architects, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and a Cuban guy.
It was an amazing event, I went home feeling so inspired and I had so many thoughts and ideas that I couldn't get to sleep.

One of the thoughts I had is how I feel that Christchurch isn't a heel friendly place during the day, unless your going to a special occasion. 
I have talked to a few friends about this lately and they all feel the same way. So last night whilst I was thinking about things I thought fuck it I am going to wear my leopard print wedges, as an experiment to see what kind of reaction I would get to wearing an outrageous pair of heels. You have seen these heels here and here
My observations were that I/we have been silly this whole time, I didn't get any strange looks at all(well I didn't notice any). So in conclusion wear those heels that have been staring you in the face everytime you open your wardrobe willing you to put them on, their's too many gorgous heels going to waste out there and also who cares if you get strange looks you have the right to wear whatever the heck you want to!

On another note I had coffee with some friends and my sister today and I wanted to post some photos of my handsome nephew, bless he's cute!

Please leave your comments on how you feel about what I have talked about in this post and how adorable my nephew is :)

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