Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pastel pink floppy hat

Keeping outfits simple when you are wearing brighter colours or overbearing accessories is always an easy way to successfully put an outfit together.

These pants are from the mens section at Save Mart, I always wonder who the old man was that used to wear them. These have been on a heavy rotation in my wardrobe at the moment. Also seen here.

Hat: Glassons
Singlet: Glassons
Belt: Cotton On
Pants: Save Mart


  1. Love the hat. Cool trousers too. I have never been to Save Mart. I want to go and do a vintage fashion post soon for something a bit different.

  2. @ miss,Thank you. Save Mart is pretty awesome. You have to be in the mood to hunt through all the aisles, so much stuff!

    @Krysten thank you, I checked out your blog it's very cool