Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mr and Mrs

Yesterday was a day for all of us in Christchurch, New Zealand and worldwide to reflect on the horrible day a year ago. My thoughts were with all the people that lost their lives and the families/friends that are grieving for them. It has been an emotional year for all of us, we can only become stronger.
Christchurch I love you.

On another much happier note, my friends Gemma and Brett got married on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the bride and groom did an awesome job organizing the day. I took my camera along so I could get a few snaps of the day.

Gemma's dad walking her down the aisle 

How happy do they look to see each other?

Doesn't Gemma look stunning!

The venue: Trents Vineyard

I love how the cake is so simple but so elegant

There was a paddock behind the ceremony with horses in it

Photo taken by: Lauren

Photo taken by: Kris

Thank you Gemma and Brett for sharing your special day with us. 

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