Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sunday roast (I know it's Thursday)

The weather was so horrible on Sunday that I thought it was winter. I decided to make a roast with the produce I had gotten from the Lyttelton market. I had never cooked any of the vegetables before so it was a experience/experiment for me. Overall it turned out bloody good. The chicken was tender and juicy and the vegetables were deilsh. 

I put lots of butter over the chicken before putting it in the oven to add flavour and get a good crisp on the skin

Fennel, sunshine squash, beetroot and purple cauliflower 

Fennel has a strong taste of aniseed 

I put some rubber gloves on so my hands wouldn't get stained pink

I roasted the beetroot in foil with some balsamic vinegar and garlic

I roasted the fennel with the other vegetables so the flavour would fuse together

Does anybody else love eating the chicken skin?


  1. YUM!!!! looks so good Charlotte

  2. Mm, that looks delicious! I'd like to give cooking a roast a go one day.. :)