Thursday, March 22, 2012

D.I.Y clutch

I was feeling creative a few weeks ago, so I went to spotlight(fabric store) for some inspiration. 
I came home with a piece of black vinyl, yellow lining, a zip and some gold studs.
I decided I would attempt to make a clutch, I don't sew much and I have to admit that I am pretty average. 

Below are the steps to making a simple clutch.
You can use these directions to make any size clutch that you want, below I have put the dimensions of my clutch.

You need:
A 25cm zip 

A piece of lining, about 1 metre

Vinyl 1metre

Gold studs, you can usually buy these in a small bag in the crafts area

I got out my tape measure and drew 2 rectangles approximately 30x44cm and cut them out

Face the vinyl together and pin

I then did the same with the lining but added a couple of centimeters extra, this needs to fit around the vinyl

Sew the vinyl together leaving about 1cm at the top and repeat with the lining without leaving the 1cm gap

Push the studs through the vinyl, I recommend doing this before sewing the vinyl together

This is where it gets tricky. Turn clutch inside out and pin the zip to the right side of the vinyl. Sew the zip onto the bag.   Now you need to sew on the vinyl to cover up the gaps that the zip has left on either side, just sew to the point where the zip has started.

Now that you have the zip on you will want to add the lining to the bag. 
Put the lining over the inside out bag and fold down the tops of the lining to make a neat edge.
Pin the lining to the zip and sew, this way you are not sewing on the vinyl.

Tad-ah you now have one awesome clutch

If you have any questions about this post please don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. Hi there - great post.I have been to Spotlight looking for studs like the ones you have pictured here - where were the ones you have & how much did they cost?