Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peanut butter cupcakes

Inspired by Whittakers new peanut butter chocolate, I wanted to incorporate these ingredients to make cupcakes. At first I was going to simply make a chocolate cupcake and place a dollop of peanut butter in the centre but I came across this recipe on the Bakers Royale website and I decided to give it a go.
It is an easy recipe to follow and they are not to time consuming to make, I enjoyed baking these last Sunday. 

I grated Whittaker's dark ghana chocolate on top for extra colour and flavour 
These cupcakes are so good, I recommend you give them a go, they are very rich and moist.

I seem to have bad luck with piping bags and this batch of cupcakes was no exception, I ended up using a spatula to smooth the icing on top, I think the rustic messy look suits the flavours in these cupcakes anyway.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Likes

Dusty pink lips

Put your favourite lipstick on, then apply some white or light eyeshadow

Oreo olallieberry chocolate layer cake

This cake is too great for words, I have to make this!!

White trestle desk

I love the simplistic look and I think this desk would be perfect to put my computer on

Helmut Newton 

Helmut Newton is one of my favourite photographers, he was known as a controversial photographer because of his provocative images, which I haven't showed here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winter is upon us

I bought a wooly jumper from Wild Pair a couple of weeks ago and I have been wearing it religiously ever since. I need to invest in a few more big jumpers to get me through this chilly season. I'm in love with this mullet style jumper because it keeps my bum warm and the different cut transforms a simple outfit into something a bit more interesting.

Wooly jumper: Wild Pair
Scarf: Red Current
Leggings: Glassons
Boots:Wild Pair

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fridays hair and beauty inspiration

I love how clean and simple this look is, yet it's different and intriguing 

I'm still loving the bold lip colours, they brighten a dull day.
Accompanied with strong eyeliner to make your eyes pop.

I'm looking forward to the day when my hair is this long

When I got my hair died blonde, my hairdresser suggested putting a purple rinse through it. I agreed and my hair turned out the colour on the right, I have to admit I was pretty suprised because I didn't know what to expect. The rinse only lasted a few days and my hair colour changed constantly as it began to fade, at one point it was the colour on the left. By the time I got used to the colour and really liked it, it was gone :(
Seeing the photos below are convincing me to try this again. What do you think?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fridays wants and inspiration

Aqua blazer from Asos
Sequined top from Asos

Leather studded jacket from Zara
Shoulder studded blouse from Zara


Fluro knit from Topshop

 Asparagus wrapped in bacon yum
Cute DIY pom poms 
My dream library
I have been collecting frames to create a wall like this  
A great way of making the most of empty space

A oversized fluro jumper with a leather studded jacket would definitely brighten up my winter,
whilst sitting in that library reading a book with the fire on and a hot cup of tea!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Potato rosti, beef, parsnip puree and scallops

I was thinking about going out for lunch a couple of weekends ago, but I decided to save some money and make a yummy lunch for the bf and I.
 I had been inspired from watching the cooking shows on channel 1 that morning, they without a doubt suck me in every Saturday.
I made potato rostis, parsnip puree, beef and scallops.


Serves 2

2 large potatoes
2 parsnips
2 rib eye steaks
A few scallops
chilli paste
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
salt and pepper to season

Pre-heat oven to 180Âșc

Peel and grate your potatoes, squeeze the grated potatoes to remove the moisture, leave in a bowl for 10 minutes. Squeeze potatoes again, place back in the bowl add egg and season with salt and pepper, mix.
Pick up potatoes and flatten on a chopping board. Use a cookie cutter to create a round shape, top up the cutter until the potatoes reach the top and press down, you want the potatoes to be compact.

Heat a frying pan on the stove with some butter add the potato rostis cook on both sides until browned, once both sides are brown place in the oven for 20 minutes.

Peel and chop the parsnips, place in a saucepan with the milk, 30g of butter, some chilli paste (depending on your spice tolerance) and salt and pepper. Simmer until the parsnips are soft leave on a low heat.

Heat a skillet on the stove on a high heat, you want the pan really hot add some butter just before you put the steak in the pan, cook on both sides for 2 minutes (depending on how you like your steak cooked)

Heat a frying pan on the stove on med heat with some butter to cook the scallops on, they will take about 30seconds-1minute on each side (depending on the size of your scallops)

Put your parsnip mix in a blender and blend until smooth, a stick blender would also work really well.

I also made a tiny bit of runny gravy to pour over the meal.


Now i'm off to bed to read a book, it's bloody freezing!