Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunday wants

What better to do on a cloudy Sunday than some internet shopping, in my case browsing. I am in love with all of the items below, totally swooning.  
Bone ring by Deadly Ponies

Hawk ring by Deadly Ponies
Mr Croc Tote by Deadly Ponies
Orange tube by Balenciaga

Blazer with spikes on the shoulder by Zara

Metal heel court shoe by Zara

Skull shirt by Zara

Flower print trousers by Zara

Double fabric blazer by Zara
The flower print trousers from Zara are amazing, they look so comfortable, I think I might have to buy them eeek!

I have been looking at the blog Four Eyes over the last few days, it is a great blog for those of you in NZ to follow. It gives a real insight into what people are wearing in New Zealand.

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